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Perfect PRP for Joints

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Why to avoid Steroids?

For decades, steroids have been touted as a means to alleviate joint pain. However, in 1979 it was first observed that there might be negative consequences of using steroids on cartilage within joints. Since then, further studies have looked into this problem.

Perfect Prp xray

As you can see in the images above, the “joint space’ (which represents the amount of cartilage – or joint cushion) decreased dramatically, months after steroid shots, almost to the point of bone on bone (end-stage)- as pointed for by the arrows.

But since it’s this BAD, how come my physician gave it to me?

For decades, the only solution for joint pain was a steroid injection. The problem with this method is that the pain goes away for 2-3 months then comes back again. You get a second shot, then a third one, and eventually you are sent to an orthopedic surgeon in order to have your joint replaced as it is now completely damaged.

Then how should I treat my joint pain?

Would you rather take the traditional path of steroid shots, which leads to joint destruction and replacement? Or would you prefer to treat the pain and inflammation while also maintaining or improving the current status of your joint by injecting blood-derived growth factors using PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)? PRP has been used by orthopedic surgeons for decades with miraculous results, especially in reversing osteoarthritis. No drugs or surgery necessary for this procedure- we simply draw some blood and use an FDA cleared centrifuge to extract platelets. We inject them into your joint at a very high concentration, which tricks your body into recruiting stem cells from all over in order to heal the area.

Is there a risk of complications?

Out of the 27,000+ studies completed worldwide on PRP treatments, not a single one has reported any complications from the treatment (except for when someone tried to inject an eyeball with it). And that's a service we are NEVER willing to provide at Better Life Clinics.

But that’s just PRP, what then is Perfect PRPTM?

The Perfect PRP protocol optimizes the effectiveness of your PRP by priming your joint with Acoustic Wave Therapy for a month before the procedure, as well as taking certain supplements and avoiding others.

Is this PRP good for shoulders and knees only?

Nope, it’s also good for Tennis elbow, Golfer’s elbow, Carpal Tunnel, Dequervain’s Tenosinovitis, Achilles Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, and more. It reaches its maximal effect in 3 months.