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What is acoustic wave therapy and how can it help with erectile dysfunction ED and Peyronies disease?

Acoustic wave therapy has been used in Europe since 2012, with hundreds of medical institutions now offering this treatment. It is also becoming a popular alternative in the United States, with many medical institutions now using it to treat ED and men with Peyronie's disease. What is Peyronie's Disease? Peyronie's disease is a condition in which plaque, or hard lumps, develop slowly under the skin on the side of the penis. This plaque (scar tissue) can cause pain and the shrinking of the penis. Men...

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5 common aging issues and how PRP can reverse them

Are you or a loved one experiencing common aging issues such as sagging skin, thinning of hair, age spots, joint pains, or sexual dysfunction? These issues can impact daily life and decrease the quality of life as we age. But there is hope! By being aware of these common aging concerns and taking steps toward prevention and treatment, we can age gracefully and maintain independence for longer. In this blog post, we will cover each of these five common aging issues in depth and provide...

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The Ultimate Facial

Velashape III for Double Chin