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The risks of steroid injections for plantar fasciitis
Tired of this pain in your foot, that did not improve with shoe inserts or a brace? DO NOT LET YOUR PODIATRIST INJECT STEROIDS TO TREAT IT.

Steroids work by rupturing (tearing) a fibrous band which causes the discomfort so it is no longer stretched and painful; however you will end up without an arch when steroids are used for plantar fasciitis treatment because these drugs also tear away at supporting tissue – resulting in flat-foot forever!

We all want to live pain-free lives, but when your feet hurt, and you can’t even walk around the house without feeling like an old man because of how much strength it takes just for one step – what do we need? PRP!

This treatment has provided relief in many cases by repairing torn tissue that causes inflammation within our bodies. With special techniques such as the Perfect PRP, people who suffer from plantar fasciitis/Achilles tendonitis won’t have any discomfort whatsoever.

Using your own blood, PRP for plantar fasciitis works by reducing inflammation and stimulating tissue repair in the affected area.

This pain-free procedure takes place at our office using an FDA-approved centrifuge system to extract Platelet Rich Plasma (PRPs).

The doctor then injects them into the targetted area where they start repairing damaged cells right away! You can get up immediately after injection without any downtime or side effects because it’s so quick – all while being treated with laughing gas if needed too which helps relax tense muscles even more making this treatment really worth trying out!!

While the results from PRP therapy for plantar fasciitis will vary depending on each patient, hundreds of patients have seen relief of their symptoms after undergoing this treatment.

Your program may include injections with PRP as well as other therapies like acoustic wave treatments which can be used alongside one another if needed!

What are some possible benefits of PRP Therapy for Plantar Fasciitis?
The most common result that patients report after undergoing this treatment is an improvement in their walking ability.

Effects may also include increased flexibility and range of motion, less pain when climbing stairs or taking long flights of steps (or even just getting up from sitting), and more energy throughout the day – all without surgery!