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B e t t e r L i f e c l i n i c s

Biote for Men

Frequently asked Questions:

Who is a good candidate for testosterone replacement therapy?

Men who are experiencing symptoms of low testosterone and have been diagnosed with hypogonadism, a condition where the body produces insufficient amounts of testosterone according to their blood work.

How long does the Biote method last?

The pellets typically last 5-6 months, after which they need to be replaced. So you should get Pellet insertion twice a year.

Can I stop TRT once I start it?

It’s important to discuss with Dr. Ibrahim before stopping any treatment, as doing so may result in a return of low testosterone symptoms. It’s also recommended to periodically monitor hormone levels while on TRT and make any adjustments as needed.

. I am trying to conceive, am I still a candidate?

It’s important to discuss your plans for fertility with Dr. Ibrahim before starting TRT, as testosterone replacement can affect sperm production and fertility. If you are trying to conceive, you will most likely need to postpone the treatment. After pellets are placed, you can regain your pre-treatment sperm count in 8 months (6 months while the pellets are working, and 2 months for your sperm count to recover).

Does insurance cover testosterone replacement therapy?

No, Insurance can cover your blood work only, however, you will need to pay out of pocket for the consultation, and Pellet insertion, as well as for the Nutriceutical supplementation.

Are there any restrictions after receiving the pellets?

Generally, patients are advised to avoid swimming and soaking in a bathtub or hot tub or the beach, as well as avoid gluteal exercising (including squats, elliptical, stair master etc..) for 7 days.

Are there any complications with the pellet insertion?

Complications are rare but can include infection, pellet extrusion or migration, and minor bleeding at the insertion site. It’s important to follow post-pellet insertion instructions provided by Dr. Ibrahim to minimize these risks.

How often do I need to get my blood work checked?

You will get your hormone levels checked before insertion, then 4 weeks after (to assess the improvement in your hormone numbers), blood work is then done annually.

Can I still have sexual intercourse while on TRT?

Absolutely! In fact, many men report an increase in libido and improved sexual function and performance with testosterone replacement therapy.

How soon will I notice the effects of TRT?

You should start noticing the effects of your Testosterone replacement treatment within 4 weeks.